Purchasing Your Debit Card

I have a simple, excellent, straightforward approach to pricing:

  1.  $50.00 an hour for my services, available in 10-hour chunks.
  2.  $60.00 an hour for my services, available in 05-hour chunks.
  3.  $110.00 for hours booked individually

Think of it as a JustAskCarolynCamilla Debit Card.  You buy the quantity you want upfront and use it at whatever pace and for whatever services (or combination) you like.
Each “chunk” is good for a year.

Click here to schedule 30 minutes to find out how we might work together.  It’s free.  It’s 30 minutes.  It’s all about you.

Debit Card $110.00

Hours Booked Individually
Price: $110.00