Just How Important Are Thank You Cards?

    Just how important are writing Thank You cards?  In my opinion very!  Thank you cards are a nice touch to let someone or a business know that you appreciate them.  It acknowledges that the service or kindness that was given to you actually meant something.  Sometimes you can you a thank you card to let someone know that:  “Thank You for being in my life”  or thank the hiring manager for taking the time out of their busy schedule to interview you.

Drop a business a thank you card sometimes and let them know that hey, what you do does matter and I appreciate you.  You can purchase thank you cards that are blank or a thank you card that has just the right words already written for you.  You can buy just one thank you card or a set.  You can create thank you cards from scratch as well and even cut out an envelope from scratch but whichever way you decide to go, just drop someone or a business a thank you card and let them know that they matter, and you appreciate them.    – Carolyn Camilla Shaw

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