From Driving to Work to Working From Home Instead

If you are sitting at your cubicle at work and looking like this: Not Happy but would much rather look like this when you are working:  have you ever thought about working from home?  Well if not, how about it?  I have.  To start you need a computer:  if you want to work from anywhere and take it with you, or a desktop:  if you just want to stay at home.  Also, to start you need internet service:      , your cell:  and possibly a landline for call center jobs:  oh and don’t forget USB headsets:  The skills you will need varies based upon the job but here are a few to name:

  • Social Media Management:   
  • Email Management: 
  • Communication Skills: 
  • Light Bookkeeping Skills: 
  • Typing: 
  • Microsoft suite skillset:  .  These are only a few skills, there are many more, but these are enough to get started.  I have these skills but I have decided to train just a little bit more to enhance my skills.  If you are interested I am taking a course called: 90DayVA, you should check it out, it’s cool!

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