So What is a VA Anyway?

So you might be asking yourself, so what is a VA anyway?  I mean what does VA stand for?

VA stands for Virtual Assistant.  A virtual assistant, in general, is a self-employed employed individual or freelancer that provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients on a remote basis from home, or from anywhere in the world.  Think of us as your walking, talking planner/calendar book, or personal assistant that you can connect to from anywhere.

Administratively we do supportive tasks such as:

  • Type a variety of things or documents based upon the type of business you have
  • File but in the cloud
  • Answer the phones for you but from our location
  • Communicate and can function as your liaison between you and your clients

Technically you will need to have the skills to

  • Create websites for your clients  so that they can reach their audience
  • Create an email address that is professional preferably one that ends with the name of their company following by dot com
  • Communication  with clients doesn’t just start and end with emails, no now it can be via chat and video
  • Managing tasks with various platforms such as CRMs (Customer Relation Management Systems)
  • Tracking time spent on projects and tasks
  • Collaboration software platforms such as, Trello or Clickup
  • Social Media management in order to schedule posts and manage profiles such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Social Pilot
  • Creating forms to collect data
  • Be able to accept payments from all over the world with platforms such as:

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