Well I got a New Job working from home.

Well, now I got a new job working from home.   I do have one client as well, but for now to supplement my income but I did get a new job working form home.  This is a picture of me learning how to use my laptop and plugging in the cable from the laptop to my new monitor that is 27 inches.  Yes!  27 inches.  My job only required me to have a 20-inch monitor but when I went to purchase a monitor I fell in love with this one from Acer. It’s a KA series one.   I do have an iMac to the right but the job did not require the IOS operating system so the iMac will be for streaming only for now.   I do have a goal of someday working for myself only and not someone else, but until then I did have to get a job to for now.  I am grateful that at least I get to still stay home.  No commuting or having to wear a suit or uniform.

So until you can totally work for yourself only, don’t be too proud to have to earn a W2.  You have to be realistic on your way to earning your dream.

Thank you for still following me as I work towards my dream.  Ta-Ta for now.

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  • Jacqueline Flournoy
    4 years ago

    I’m so excited to be working with Carolyn. She is helping me put that old way of “work” on the shelf for a minute and become a virtual assistant. Her knowledge and my eagerness to learn is the perfect combination. Ill keep everyone updated of my progress!

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