September 11, 2022, Issue #01

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 I hope you’re having a great 2022.

Delegation is a powerful way to leverage your time and get help with areas of your business where you might not have expertise or time to do. You may even just don’t want to do it. It can be a big win for you and your business.

Today’s newsletter recommends how to become a great delegator!  Repeat after me “I am going to delegate today and free some of my time up!” “I am going to delegate today and free some of my time up!”  Well now with that being said, let’s look at some steps.

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Carolyn Camilla Shaw
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You Can't Do It All! How to Delegate Effectively

Often I hear it in a few different ways but all statements lead back to the same situations from friends and clients: they say “I need to find someone to take a few things off of my plate.” And then, right afterward, they say, “But I don’t think I can get anyone who will understand what I do exactly, be as serious as I am, about what I do and do an excellent job.”

Of course, someone else has not been found, and you as the business owner are still left doing everything yourself.  Oh yes, you can do it, but do you realize that you are still spreading yourself very thin?

So, the issue ends up being that, in my research, it isn’t necessarily a lack of capable and committed people willing to help. It’s that you just don’t know how to pass the baton, sort of speak, and are afraid to let go, even a little. So you assume there isn’t a way out of this predicament and you stay in the same situation, overwhelmed and spreading yourself very thin.

My recommendation for giving yourself a break and becoming good at delegating and actually reaching out to get help is to follow these five things which I call my “Five Please Action Steps,” I ask that you:

1. Please do your research. It’s important to know what skills are needed by the person you’re going to hire. Ok just like hiring an accountant to do your taxes, you’ll want to find someone with expertise. If you need to delegate setting up your newsletter, find someone with experience using Marketing Software such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or HubSpot. There are many choices but these are just to name a few.  

This might sound obvious, but I often hear solo professionals say they are thinking about hiring very smart friends, but I have found that after a few questions they don’t have any relevant experience. You wouldn’t hire a “very smart friend” who knew nothing about cars to act as your auto mechanic – delegation of your business needs should work the same way; specific skills are required.

2. Please take time to plan. You’ve got to give the person doing the work enough time to schedule it into their calendar and get it done. This requires planning ahead. When I get ready to write my newsletter, for example, I ask my editor on Sunday or Monday if she has time for edits on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. I don’t just assume and send it over to her. You need to be prepared, too, for the answer to be “no” or “not this week.”

3. Please provide specific information. “Can you do this?” is not enough information for the person you’re delegating to – even if it’s a simple and (in your mind) self-explanatory task. Include details, timelines, and any supporting information. For example: “I’m ready to publish my next newsletter. Attached is the word document and the images I’d like to use. Can we schedule it for this Friday at 7:00 am?” Be thorough: include deadlines and guidelines about how you’d like the work to be done.  Because even though your Virtual Assistant is an expert at what they do, you may want your particular project done a certain way; therefore don’t be afraid to communicate a few particulars.

4. Please create check-in and control points. If you’ve delegated a project, schedule check-in points for benchmarks to ensure things stay on track. Sometimes there can be misunderstandings about the required tasks even when you both think you understand. Regular meetings will help with discovery and allow for adjustments.

5. Please develop a communicative relationship. When you work with someone you are in a relationship with them. I don’t mean you need to be BFFs, but simple things that work in your other relationships will work in this one too. A simple, “Thank you – great job,” or “How was your weekend?” will go a long way. Be sure to answer questions about the project quickly so that the task at hand can stay on track and on time. Your work together will require communication – either written or verbal via phone, text, and or email.

My guess is that 99% of the time the person assisting you wants to do a good job. If that’s not what’s taking place, check the five points that I just suggested to you to see where you two might be going off track.

Well now let’s face it, delegation is a powerful way to leverage your time and get help with areas of your business where you might not have expertise. Done well, it can be a big win for you and your business.

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JustAskCarolynCamilla, of course, is me, Carolyn. 

I have always enjoyed being the go-to person in my family and friends’ lives researching and helping find the answers to situations and questions.  One big problem for my solo and small business clients that I found out about was that though they often try to do everything themselves and sometimes you can’t, you have to learn to delegate.   They spread themselves very thin, especially with administrative tasks.  I help you keep your business or businesses running smoothly by assisting with admin pieces of your business like email newsletter creation, answering your voicemail, calendar & email managing and writing thank you cards.

When you work on your own, it’s all up to you. My role is to be there for you.  

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